LAN Finals are here!

After concluding both NA qualifier and EU qualifier we finally have list of all lan participants. The list is following:
Team EnvyUS
Virtus Pro
Natus Vincere
Team Immunity
Torpedo Gaming
Flipsid3 Tactics
The offline event will consist off single elimination Best of 3, with invited team (EnvyUS, Virtus Pro, Natus Vincere, Astralis) playing one of the teams that had to qualify for the event (NRG, Team Immunity, Torpedo Gaming, Flipsid3 Tactics.
The bracket is as following on 17th march;
10:45 – Virtus Pro vs Team Immunity
13:45 – Na'Vi vs Flipsid3 Tactics
16:45 – Astralis vs Torpedo Gaming
19:45 – EnvyUS vs NRG

It will definitely be interesting to see how underdog teams like Torpedo and NRG that are not so much established in the scene will do againts giants such as Astralis that has been on a row lately, and Team EnvyUS that recently decided to change lineup and take a player that hasn't played at highest level.